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Ana SayfaUnderstanding the complexity of logo design

Understanding the complexity of logo design

Understanding the complexity of logo design

Businesses are the backbone of the economy. There are certain features that most businesses have – name, brand, and logo are the three most significant. According to marketing specialists, having a logo is an essential part of running a successful business.

What are the key characteristics of a good logo and why is it important?

Logos have become very important in today’s business world. The point of having a logo is to be better identifiable by potential customers.

Some of the key features of a logo include:

*Original – Usually logos are protected by a trademark. This is done so that other companies don’t try to make a profit by stealing away others’ customers (due to the same logo). Logos need to be original, so that the brand can be easily recognizable. A company doesn’t want its “premium soaps and spa therapy products” to be confused with another company’s “organic vegetables”.

* Simple – Simplicity is key in good logos. Too much detail can be confusing and can have the opposite effect of what a company needs.

* Easy to spot – The logo needs to be sharp. If it blends in, it will not be easy to spot. In order for a logo to be effective, it should be as sharp as possible.

* Not confusing – The logo shouldn’t be confused with other logos. In addition, it shouldn’t resemble something that is completely unrelated to what the company does. For example, a company that sells computers shouldn’t have a sandwich as a logo.

* Meaningful – Not all logos can be meaningful, and this is fine. However if a client can relate the logo to the company, he or she will be able to remember it more easily. Easily memorable logos mean quick associations, which lead to increased sales.

How is logo design achieved?

Designing a logo is hard work. It is done by professional logo designers, most of who have advanced education. If a company is big enough, there may be an entire team working on the logo design.

Marketing is an important part of logo design. The logo needs to be beautiful and appealing to the majority of people. The color scheme should be appropriate as well. Colors have meaning. For example, many “food” related companies use red in their logo. It has been scientifically proven that the color red makes people hungry.

Examples of popular logos

There are many logos that are simple, yet effective and easily recognized. Here are two examples:

MacDonald’s – The yellow “M” arches

Apple – The apple

There are more confusing logos, that even though complex are still easy to recognize:

Starbucks – The mermaid

Starbucks is an interesting company when it comes to logo design. Not many companies can get away with changing their logo this many times. Customers do not like change, and every time a company changes its logo there are voices against it.

Isvarr is a well-established company that can help businesses get in touch with the right people when it comes to their logo design needs. There is a big difference between a professionally designed logo, and something a person just came up with. Isvarr can guarantee that the company’s logo will look professional, credible, and will attract many customers. Sign up now, and get your logo created!




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