Ana Sayfa Yeme & İçme Video animation and music

Video animation and music

Video animation and music

I: Video animation

Have you ever wondered how those Pixar or Disney movies are made? Have you ever tried to imagine the effort that it takes to design, create and animate one single character? Or even 5 minutes of animation video? The answer is: a whole lot. For instance, many video animators take about 5 to 10 hours of work for a 3 minute fully-animated video. These are professionals. And that’s not even counting the render time! But I’m getting ahead of myself here. Let’s take it a little slower.

Let’s say that you have an idea for a short video and want to make it. You will need to design the characters, the environments, the different objects in the world, every little thing will need to be imagined and designed. After that, you will need to translate that into 3D, by using a 3D program, such as 3D Studio Max or Blender. It takes a lot of time to model every little detail of the character you want to build, so be prepared!

After you’ve done that, you’ll need to set up the body structure, the bones, the ligaments and other features, such as textures, which will give your character and the objects in the world color. Textures are basically images applied to a 3D model. Imagine an apple. Now imagine you cut its skin and lay it on the table. That’s how a texture looks before it’s applied to a 3D model. That’s what you’ll need to design and how you’ll need to design it so that it fits your character, world and objects. Creativity is, of course, very much required and condoned.

The next step is to set the scene. Literally. You have to place every object in its place, create cameras that will “film” your short from different angles, program the animations, fine tune them, make everything come alive. This is also a very laborious process, but keep in mind that the results are worth it.

II: Music

Music is everywhere. If you pay enough attention, you can hear it in nature, too. There are a lot of people who play music and compose it for a living. In order for you to compose music, you will need some guidelines. Yes, music is theory, too! Read up on it, learn your scales and progressions and then go to the drawing board.

The easiest way to compose music is with an instrument. Be it digital, like music software or analog, like real guitars, drums and others like that. When it comes down to music, creativity is a must. If you’re not creative, you won’t like the music you compose, and most probably, neither will others.

Do these seem like chores to you or too complicated? Are you a musician or a video animator? Whichever the case, head on over to and browse these categories! It’s a great website to visit if you need video animation done for you, or music composed for the video you’ve just animated. If you’re in need of some cash and can do either of these things, go to and post your services there, the hire rate is as high as 100%!

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