its a new year for freelance workers,for a new year gift,i will share you the best freelance websites for 2016.

Out there lots of website which are giving freelance services but the question is,we want the trustable one,we want the one with low commission.Do you you think there is such sites which you can fully trust? which protects buyer and seller?

This is the answer YES

So what are the name of this sites,one of them is isvarr.com and other gigsgiver.com 

Both site is it better then eachother but the most important thing is trust,when you lean on such sites,you dont want to loose your time and money some how.So then i suggest you to work with isvarr.com!You can find lots of freelance categories that you want to get your work done or work as freelancer.

Lets say you are looking for a freelance writer,just go to the isvarr and browse over then you will find lots of successfull freelancers with their great profile.The most important point is,before you buy any service,better you first contact the freelance service provider.Yes to buy is easy and just one click away but what about after purcahse?so what if this person is not there ? sure you can refund your money from site support but why you waste your time? so it is always better to contact the freelancer.As a buyer,if you are new,i will also tell you a few tips for a gret success.

10 things freelance buyer and seller should know!

1.Before any order,just contact the service provider.

2.Check the freelancer portfolio

3.Check his or her history as freelancer,what are his success

4.Read the service with details,if the seller will provide you source file?

5.Do not make the person over work.

6.All because he work for you,he is not your slave,just be polite and respectfull to your freelancer for better result

7.If any problem beetween buyer and seller,try to solve it from easy way,if it dont work,contact support.

8.Do not give fake feedback,share your experience honestly.

9.Don offer people to work out of freelance website,you may be regret.

10.Alway trust freelance website that you have been working,because their the first who will protect you and your money.




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